Key Person Protection

Key Person Protection

People can be one of the biggest assets for any company. The knowledge and expertise a person holds is often a vital part of a successful business.

So, have you ever thought what would happen if one day that person was unable to work? Would you be able to continue your business? Would it leave you financially insecure?

We protect our buildings and products against loss so it is just as important to have business insurance in the event of a key person within the company falling ill. Key person doesn’t have to mean just a director either what about your staff who hold vital skills and knowledge in a particular field vital to the daily running of your business?

We provide protection to make sure that your business finances don’t suffer if the worst was to happen.

It works like a life insurance policy or critical illness cover for a business. The insurance is taken out against key people within the company and pays a lump sum or monthly amount to the business in the case of that person being unable to work.

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