Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

Buying a new business on top of your existing business can cause disruption. Keeping your existing site up and running while you move to ensure your clients aren’t affected is vital to keeping the business going. That is where bridging finance can help.

Bridging loans are short-term loans which allow you to keep your business running as normal while buying a new property.

Moving house is difficult enough, but moving from one office to another in one day while keeping systems up and running and phones still ringing is a logistical nightmare.

A bridging loan can be used to fund the new premises until you move out and sell the old one leaving you with happy customers, unaffected by the changes.

They should never be seen as a long-term solution and it is always wise to have a time frame and exit strategy in place.

What we offer

Working with finance partners Commercial Finance Arena offer business lending to ensure a smooth transition of your business whatever the circumstances. Our bridging loans are offered to match each businesses individual requirements.

Why choose Commercial Finance Arena?

Commercial Finance Arena takes a personal approach to finance. Our friendly, expert advisors will work with you throughout the whole finance process to find you the best deals on bridging finance to find the right outcomes for your business.

With all the different issues that can arise from a change in business circumstances, with Commercial Finance Arena your business finance need not be one of them.

Give us a call on 01332 300300 during normal business hours or leave us a message using the form below and one of our advisers will contact you within one business day.